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Correctional Officer job opportunities are on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics Correctional Officers related postions will increase 9% by 2018.

The Department of Corrections offers professional development, career achievement, and the personal satisfaction of public service.  Correctional Officers enforce the laws of our nation and keep the public safe and the justice system working.

Correctional Officer Job Opportunites

Finding a job is difficult.  Finding one that is challenging with career opportunities and advancement is even more difficult.  A career with the Department of Corrections offers opportunity, training, competitive pay, personal development, and job security. Read Blog

Crime is not going away.  While crime rates may be decreasing in the United States there were still approximately 12,000,000 crimes committed in 2009.  One out of every five people is a victim of crime.  The number of Americans incarcerated continues to rise. The need for strong confident men and women willing to dedicate themselves to public service within Department of Corrections  will never end.  Read Blog
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